MobiusHD® Presentations

Long-term, 24-Month Outcomes
(THT 2023)

JoAnn Lindenfeld, MD, presents results of the EVBA HF-FIM clinical trial of the MobiusHD device.

The MobiusHD Device as a Treatment for Heart Failure (THT 2023)

Horst Sievert, MD, provides an overview of the EVBA approach using the MobiusHD device.

Mechanical baroreceptor stimulation – A new method for heart failure therapy

[presented in German]

Webinar from thought leaders on using the MobiusHD device to treat heart failure, its mechanism of action and results from the clinical trial (

MobiusHD® Videos

Animation of the MobiusHD Device as an Autonomic Modulation Therapy

An animation of the catheter-based procedure using the MobiusHD device as an autonomic modulation therapy.

A Procedure from the MobiusHD Heart Failure Study

Horst Sievert, MD performs a catheter-based procedure using the MobiusHD device to treat a heart failure patient.

The MobiusHD device – a new treatment option for heart failure

A whiteboard animation showing how the MobiusHD device amplifies Baroreflex for Heart Failure.


12-Month Outcomes

Hypertension FIM,
Long-Term Outcomes

Hypertension FIM,
Early Outcomes

MobiusHD Device
Mechanism of Action