Reshaping Neuromodulation™ with the MobiusHD® System

An endovascular device-based approach to help patients suffering from heart failure.

Reshaping Neuromodulation With The MobiusHD Device

The MobiusHD device is designed to amplify the body’s natural baroreflex mechanism, signaling the brain to restore cardiac autonomic adaptation and balance.

The endovascular baroreflex amplification (EVBA) procedure includes the use of established percutaneous, catheter-based techniques providing a straightforward, one-time approach to symptomatic heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF).

  • Self-expanding, rectangular nitinol implant
  • Unique endovascular device for baroreflex modulation
  • Reshapes the carotid sinus without expansion
  • Retains pulsatility and increases carotid sinus stretch
  • Amplifies baroreceptor signals to the brain

EVBA Procedure

The percutaneous EVBA procedure uses well-established carotid access techniques and allows for precise placement of the MobiusHD implant in the target location.

Pre-procedure imaging:

  • Confirm carotid artery suitability
  • Define implant location
  • Endovascular procedure using standard techniques
  • Angiographic confirmation
  • MobiusHD implant deployment