About Vascular Dynamics


Ed Roschak

President & CEO

Martin Rothman

Chief Medical Officer

John McIntyre

Chief Operations Officer

Perry Rice

Vice President, Clinical Affairs

Mike Lazinski

Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Michael Henson


Ilan Neugarten

Dr. Thomas Thaler

Gary Burbach

Stan Rabinovich

About Vascular Dynamics

Vascular Dynamics is developing an innovative, endovascular platform technology to offer compelling treatment options for patients at risk of life-threatening conditions underserved by conventional treatments.

The company’s MobiusHD technology features the first endovascular device to use the body’s natural baroreflex mechanism to modulate the autonomic nervous system. The endovascular baroreflex amplification (EVBA) approach targets both afferent and efferent neural pathways to realize a reduction in sympathetic tone and an increase in parasympathetic activity.

Clinical evaluations of this unique baroreflex modulation therapy for heart failure and high-risk hypertensive patients are in progress.