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Vascular Dynamics Inc. is pioneering endovascular baroreflex amplification (EVBA) to advance the treatment of hypertension to bring a better quality of life to patients who are resistant to conventional treatments.

The MobiusHD® System targets the natural baroreceptor response in the carotid sinus with a minimally invasive procedure and is designed to stimulate vasodilation, reduce heart rate and modulate kidney response, thereby decreasing blood pressure.

The MobiusHD system has received a CE mark and was accepted to participate in the FDA’s Breakthrough Devices Program (formerly known as the Expedited Access Pathway program). The MobiusHD System is investigational in the United States.



Clinical Trials


    CALM-FIM was a prospective, first-in-human, open-label study done at six sites in Europe. The MobiusHD system was studied in patients with an office systolic blood pressure ≥160 mmHg despite taking at least three antihypertensive agents, including a diuretic.

    Results showed a significant decrease in mean ambulatory blood pressure in 73% of patients at 24 hours and blood pressure reduction of 21/12 mmHg at six months, as compared to baseline4.

      Publication can be found here.

  • CALM-2

    The MobiusHD System is being studied in the CALM-2 clinical trial in patients with resistant hypertension who remain uncontrolled despite pharmacologic treatment with maximum tolerated, guideline-directed anti-hypertensive pharmacologic therapy.

    The CALM-2 clinical trial is currently enrolling at select medical centers in the United States and Europe. For more information visit

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